RE-FUSE Anxiety & 
Depression Program Explained

RE-FUSE 8-Week Anxiety/Depression Program

Working to Help You 
Improve Your Life!

  • 8-Weeks Pre-Defined, Recorded, Weekly Natural BioEnergetics Sessions to your Inbox
  • 4 - Live Zoom Sessions with Package Facilitator
  • Stress Package with Tips and Advice to lower stress levels
  • Weekly Affirmation Package 
  • 5 Free Empower Group Sessions
  • SMS Package

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PRe-Defined Recorded Sessions

  1. Defined to Get You Accustomed To Natural BioEnergetics Sessions
  2. Developed To Work on Some of the More Common areas of these issues
  3. Designed to Prepare You for the More Deeper One-On-One work with the Facilitator
  4. Developed with the Goal to Give Some Initial Calming as You Proceed through the program.

These sessions use the Technique - Natural BioEnergetics - and will be delivered to you email inbox weekly through out the program.

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Live Zoom Sessions 

These sessions also use Natural BioEnergetics and are designed to dig deeper into your specific needs.

Two sessions monthly will be booked for a total of four sessions in the program. These sessions are intended to delve into the issues that are more specific to your needs. By including these sessions, you will have a better chance of a more successful solution for your issues.

These are individualized to your specific needs!

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5 Free EMPOWER Sessions

Empower is the New Online Group Session that will start this coming fall. The is a Natural BioEnergetics Group Session designed to Empower everyone who joins. 

Meet people in a Positive environment. Share stories and advice. Learn new ways to make Positive change in your lives and work through common stresses that keep you from succeeding.

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Weekly Stress Coping Pack

Everyone needs good stress coping techniques. And with this package we will be sending weekly stress coping techniques to your mailbox.

These are ideal for anyone and can be shared with the whole family.

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SMS Support Pack

On Going Support is available through Telegram and/or WhatsApp. It is important to have a goo support system out there. So we have included this SMS pack in the package. 

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Progress Monitoring tools Throughout

Equipped with both Client and Facilitator monitoring surveys and testing to assure you of your progress.

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